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Ever looked at an air fryer in the shop and wondered what it was for?

Air fryers are a new method of cooking food.

They're a much healthier option for lovers of fried food, as they use little or no oil during the cooking process.

Air frying can be much quicker than normal cooking, and can take the place of a slow cooker too, with similar results.

I've gathered together some of our favourite air fryer recipes to show just how convenient and versatile air frying can be.

Air-Fried Chips (recipe)

air fryer chips recipe

Save time cutting potatoes with a kitchen slicer

As you'll see, it's far healthier to use an air fryer to make your own chips with. For starters, you'll use much less oil (a tablespoon instead of a bottle!), and you won't stink out the kitchen with the smell of a deep fat fryer. Learn how to cook chips in a tower air fryer and you'll never look back!

Air-Fried Crispy Dumplings (recipe)

I'm traditionally a boring eater. If it isn't a pasty, pie or casserole then I'm generally dismissive.

Once I tried spring rolls for the first time though, my eyes were opened to the vast and varied world of oriental cooking.

These crispy dumplings are similar to those soaked suet ones we have with casseroles purely by name - they're entirely different, and are great for serving up at parties and mealtimes. They're also very quick to cook in an air fryer, hence their inclusion on this list of recipes.

Air-Fried Spicy BBQ Chicken Drumsticks (recipe)

Air fryer chicken drumsticks recipe

Marinade these drumsticks with a silicone brush

A tan-out air fryer recipe, if only for the 30 minutes it takes for these chicken drumsticks to cook from start to finish.

You can make up your own marinade and simply rub into into the chicken whilst the air fryer heats up, then you fry for 20 minutes and lower the temperature to roast for another 10.

The air fryer leaves your chicken drumsticks crispy and the marinade caramelised.

Air-Fried Crispy Roast Pork (recipe)

air fried crispy roast pork recipe

See how versatile an air fryer is yet?

The key to this recipe is in the preparation; hand rub the spices onto the pricked pork to infuse the flavour, and then watch as the air fryer turns the coating crispy and crunchy.

The pork is cooked through without losing moisture or flavour, and the more holes you poke in the skin before dry-rubbing, the crisper it gets.

Air-Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls (recipe)

air fried vegetable spring rolls recipe

It was with spring rolls that I discovered oriental-style cooking, so I simply had to have them on this list.

The downside to shop-bought spring rolls and their fast-food equivalents is the amount of oil used in cooking. Bringing some home from my favourite Chinese take-away, the paper that they're wrapped in is soaked in grease.

Once you've tried air-fried spring rolls, you'll never go back. There's very little oil used in the frying process, so you get to taste all of the vegetables packed inside, and get a crisper roll without the grease.

Easy to make, and fast to cook - make sure you have a go at making one of these spring rolls in your air fryer.