Blog » All About Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron is, performance wise, probably the best cookware on the market.

Being able to withstand very high cooking temperatures, cast iron finds itself being perfect for all hobs, from induction to Aga ovens.

The cast iron construction is exceptionally well at retaining heat. This makes cooking more energy efficient as you'll only need low to medium heat when rustling up a recipe.

Before you buy

It is worth pointing out that not all cast iron cookware has a flat bottom. This is critical for use on ceramic and induction hobs, otherwise you'll end up with hot spots.


Basic cast iron cookware comes without a non-stick interior. This means your saucepans will need seasoning before use. Instead of cleaning the pans in the sink, simply wipe clean after each use. You'll find that the seasoning will build up to form its own non-stick coating over time.

Alternatively, cast iron pans are available with vitreous enamel coatings. You'll know these when you see them as they leave a smooth, glass-like finish on the inside. The outside is usually coloured enamel, to protect from stains and scratches as well as scratching glass hobs. These options are usually expensive.


For all their efficiency and robustness, cast iron cookware can be a tremendous weight. If you have trouble with hand mobility then you may struggle with cast iron pans. Just remember when picking them up in store, to image it full of food also. That should give an indication of the weight you may have to lift when in the kitchen.

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