Blog » What Can You Steam Clean?

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Steam cleaners aren't a new idea - they've been available for years.

A lot of people shun steam cleaning in favour of vacuum cleaners - it's what they're most used to, and think that steam cleaning is a lot of fuss and bother.

It isn't.

Vax Steam Stick - Hygienic Environmentally Friendly Steamer (link)

Steam cleaners work simply by filling the tank with water and waiting less than a minute for it to heat up and start producing steam.

There are differences between steam cleaning and using detergents by hand:

  • Surfaces still need to be wiped down - steam loosens dirt but doesn't remove it.
  • Steam can burn skin if the two come into contact.
  • You may need to wear goggles for intensive cleaning.

The advantages to steam cleaning over conventional methods are numerous:

  • There's no chemicals used, just water.
  • Heat sanitises and disinfects surfaces.
  • Surfaces that are steam cleaned dry faster than those cleaned with water.
  • Steam cleaning removes stubborn substances like chewing gum, glues and wax, and works well with cracks and crevices.

So what can you steam clean?

Karcher Window Cleaner - Cordless Vacuum (link)

Steam Clean Ovens, Hob Tops & Barbecues

Using chemicals to clean your oven can fill your kitchen with nasty and unpleasant smells, not to mention the risk of staining your clothes or burning skin.

A steam cleaner makes the job a lot easier, especially on glass doors, removing grease and burnt food.

Remember not to touch the element in your oven!

A wire brush combination with your steam cleaner is best for cleaning cooking racks and trays.

Efbe-Schott Handheld Steam Cleaner (link)

Steam Clean Your Freezer To Defrost It

Hitting or scraping ice with kitchen tools could damage the lining on your freezer, ruin your tools and risk injuring yourself, too.

Steam cleaning a freezer melts the ice and the heat sterilises the surface, so there's no need for detergents.

Window Cleaning

Steam cleaners keep water on the window without running down and causing streaks.

Most steam cleaners have a squeegee attachment for cleaning windows and mirrors; working from top to bottom ensures best results.

Applying a microfibre cloth to your steam cleaner can help clean dirty windows more efficiently before applying the steam cleaner itself.

Clean Hard Floors

Steam kills off germs and bacteria without the need for detergents, which makes steam cleaners ideal for hard floors such as tiles in bathrooms and kitchens.

The steam gets into nooks and crannies, leaving you with a sparkling floor that is sanitised from germs, mould and fungus.

Grouting can be steam cleaned but be wary of epoxy and caulking.

Steam Clean Upholstery

Sofas, chairs and curtains are perfect for steam cleaning as the heat from the steam kills dust mites as well as lifting stains from your fabrics.

Most steam cleaners feature a dedicated upholstery attachment which makes the job much easier.

Always test a small inconspicuous patch before committing to cleaning to ensure that colours don't run - also keep your steam cleaner moving so to not soak fabrics.

Carpet Cleaners

Steam cleaners are great for spot cleaning on carpets to help remove stains and refresh rugs.

For deeper cleaning we recommend a dedicated carpet cleaner - we hire out carpet cleaning machines in our stores in Bedale & Leyburn. Contact us for the latest prices and availability.

Steam Clean Your Mattress

If you suffer from allergies then steam cleaning your mattress will help enormously.

Steam kills dist mites which agitate allergies such as asthma; keep your steam cleaner moving over the matres so to not soak the material.

Always let your mattress dry by turning on its side for a few hours after cleaning.

Steam Clean Taps

Taps can get mucky with all that grime and limescale built up; if your steam cleaner has a detail tool then this can be used to clean and sanitise your kitchen and bathroom taps.

The steam lifts off dirt and grime, simply wipe off with a cloth once you're finished.

Kitchen Cleaning

As well as floors, taps and your oven, steam cleaners are great for sanitising kitchen bins, kitchen worktops, chopping boards and other surfaces.