Water Filters

Our range of water filter jugs includes slim models that can be stored in your fridge door, for easy access to cool drinking water. Larger models are designed to sit on your kitchen counter and have enough space to store filtered water for the whole family.

Use a Brita water filter jug to remove impurities from tap water, resulting in cleaner and smoother drinking water that tastes great. Carbon filters reduce the amount of chlorine in your tap water as well as organic impurities that alter the taste and odour. An ion exchange absorbs metals such as lead and copper, reducing limescale to boost the life of your kitchen appliances.

We also stock Brita water filter cartridges to keep your water filtered and fresh. The new Brita Maxtra+ filters have the latest technology and finer mesh, and we're assured that they fit and work with older Brita Maxtra models of water filter jug.